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Logistics & supply chain operations

Our mission

Sustainable development.

At the heart of everything we do is the pursuit of sustainable development. We try to do everything possible so that everyone who is somehow involved in our activities can fully satisfy their needs and reach their potential.

Who we are

Logistics experts.

Our team lives and breathes logistics. Our leaders have decades of experience providing technology-enabled solutions for challenging logistics requirements. We work as trusted collaborators with the world’s most successful companies.

Why Us?


Our company has a wide range of competencies in the field of supply chain and logistics, which refers to the process designed to manufacture and sell the product, right from the supply of materials to the distribution and  sale  of the product.


Everything you need 

Logistics & Services.


Turnkey logistics projects, regardless of their complexity...


Logistics costs optimization and risks mitigation...


Warehouse services: processing, consolidation, stock creation...


Supply of goods & raw materials at the lowest prices..


Analysis of international markets for raw materials and goods...


In multimodal schemas, several modes of transport are selected to optimize time and costs, taking into account all requirements o...

The Leaders

Meet the team.

Lazaros Papandopoylos

Chief Investment


Lazaros is a Greek former professional basketball player. He played with several teams in Europe throughout his professional club career obtaining a total of 10 titles. Also, he represented the Greece national team and won the gold medal at the 2005 EuroBasket and the silver medal at the 2006 FIBA World Championship. Besides his basketball career, Lazaros identifies himself eager for new pastures and business savvy. He has founded three startups by combining his enthusiasm for sports and business development. At the same time, Lazaros founded Promithes Energy SA, a group of RES companies. accountable for a total 70M of investments is solar energy projects. His love for the sea led him to invest in Anasa Experiences and become a valuable member of the company. Lazaros is a great mentor and supporter of the Anasa idea.

Dimitrios Dimitriadis

Chief Legal


Dimitriadis Dimitrios is one of the founders, a partner of Prometheas Logistics P.C. and head of the Legal Department. Dimitrios has more than 20 years of experience in the legal field. Dimitrios is the founder of the Legal Office of Dimitriades and Partners, established in 2006 in Komotini. Dimitrios works in the company’s executive team and oversees all legal matters, including corporate governance, intellectual property, litigation and security compliance, global security and privacy. Dimitrios successfully graduated from the Democritus University of Thrace Faculty of Law in 2014, and completed a postgraduate degree in administrative law.

Evgenii Kalioropoulo

Chief Executive


Evgenii Kalioropulo is one of the founders of Prometheas Logistics P.C. Evgenii is responsible for the company’s mergers, acquisitions and strategic investing efforts. Since joining Prometheas Logistics P.C, he has overseen the successful integration of vital technologies and new businesses across hardware, software and services.Evgeny successfully graduated from the Institute of Modern Business in Moscow with a degree in management, the Moscow Economic and Financial Institute in Moscow with a degree in finance and credit, has a postgraduate degree.Evgeny successfully graduated from the Institute of Modern Business in Moscow with a degree in management, the Moscow Economic and Financial Institute in Moscow with a degree in finance and credit, and is a postgraduate student at the Krasnodar State University of Culture and Art. He received additional education at the Saint Petersburg State University of Service and Economics and has specialization in Transport Management, Moscow State Institute of International Relations with a degree in Risk Manager and Moscow State University with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. For more than 15 years he worked in state and local government agencies in the areas of trade, investment, transport. He is a third-class public service advisor and a third-class municipal Advisor. From 2015 to the present day, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of one of the largest companies in Russia in the field of Information technology in transport, the Electronic Ticket of Kuban.

Oleg Kiziridis

Chief Commercial


At Prometheas Logistics P.C. Oleg Kiziridis has served as CCO from the first days of the company's foundation. At Prometheas Logistics P.C. Oleg Kiziridis oversees financial policy, corporate governance and strategic development of the company. Responsible for the implementation of projects to build long-term relationships with key customers, increase the cargo base in promising areas, as well as improve the quality of service and service standards, using innovative technologies. Oleg Kiziridis has more than 15 years of experience in the international trade market, transport and logistics services. Starting in 2008, he held key positions in a number of leading companies in the international petroleum trading and wholesale and retail sectors of consumer goods. Oleg Kiziridis successfully graduated from the Moscow State Technical University. N. E. Bauman in 2004 with a degree in Strategic Management, received high competencies through the following areas of scientific activity: innovation, management of science-intensive industries, digital transformation of enterprises, sustainable development of organizations, high-tech management, logistics of science-intensive industries, controlling, economics of innovation. In 2018, he received an MBA degree from the Moscow International Business School «CBS – City Business School» with a degree in Financial Management.

Head of foreign representative office

Igor Prezdnyakov

Chief Information Officer

Maria Tychomiridou


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